With the Flood Warnings Currently in Effect, We want to take a moment to share IMPORTANT INFO for those of you who MAY endure some flooding to your home with this heavy rain. 

Eventually, water looses room to run off or isn’t able to shed off as quick as more rain comes. 

Unfortunately, sometimes, that water ends up coming into your house. ? So, #TEAMRKG presents you with the content we’ve titled: 

The IMMEDIATE aftermath of home floods☔️?

You can’t delay dealing with flood damage. RIGHT AFTER a flood, call your homeowners’ insurance company and report what has happened. ASAP. 

It may be days before insurance adjusters arrive If flooding is widespread. Since they will be very busy, get on the list for a repair estimate IMMEDIATELY! The insurer needs to see the immediate aftermath of the flood, so If you can safely return to the house, take pictures before the water has receded completely and you begin cleaning up.

Be very cautious about going back into a house that is still flooded with more than a few inches of water. Two dangers may lurk inside. The first is the electricity. Your power may still be on, and the water may be electrified. If you can safely do so, go to the main breaker switches, step up on a dry piece of wood or something plastic, and with another dry piece of wood in hand, push the breaker switches off. Do this even if your whole neighborhood is without power since the electricity might return without warning while you are in the house. The second danger is coming into contact with water contaminated with chemicals, sewage, and nasty bacteria. Wear rubber gloves and boots or even waders to protect yourself.

It takes 24 to 48 hours for mold to begin growing on surfaces that water has permeated. The hotter and more humid the environment, the faster mold will appear. After contacting your insurance company and taking pictures, and when water has receded, begin cleaning up. 

In case you didn’t know, RKG has a RESTORATIONS DIVISION where we take catastrophes such as this, and then it into your opportunity to update any flooded area into your dream space. 

Call (817)320-1217 to set up a FREE inspection and consultation

OR visit WWW.RKGRESTORATIONS.COM for more info, a swell as project galleries! 

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