A shingle roof in Texas, on average, only last around 7 years due to heavy storm conditions of wind and hail. By that time frame, chances are you have roof damage and need a roof replacement or roof repair. If your roof has not been inspected since the last storm you had, you might be wondering if you need to replace your roof.
Answering that is easy!
1) Have you noticed any bare spots or missing granules on your roof? As shingles get worn or damaged by storms, the granules on their surface will separate from the asphalt. This leads to patches on the roof where you can see asphalt. You may also notice granules in piles under your downspouts where rain has washed them down your gutters. Hail hits to the shingle can knock off the granules and create damage to the matting. Hail damage to a roof warrants an insurance claim and could lead to the insurance company giving you a entirely new roof to get your property back into a warrant-able status.
2) Lifted or missing shingles are a sign you need to have your roof looked at. Wind damage to the roof can compromise your roofing system leading to leaks, mold, or rot. If you notice your missing shingles or have some barely hanging on, you most likely need a roof inspection.
If you are like most homeowners, you probably have not looked at your roof enough to notice if there is damage up there or not. You might not be able to see valid storm damage from the ground even if you did.

The photo shows some things we look for to verify roof damage. If these signs look familiar, its time to consider have a roof repair or roof replacement.

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