Cheap Tamco shingle ? Not at RKG.
We are Owens Corning Preferred contractors that have been trained in our systems by the manufacturer that created them.
Did you know the Owens Corning Duration shingle is the ONLY shingle that is made to be installed with a nail gun. All others are called to be installed with a hammer! (Beware of misinformed roofers)
The nylon strip from the innovative sure nail technology prevents blow throw that is otherwise caused by nail guns. That same strip makes the shingle require 4 nails per shingle instead 6 with the same wind rating.
Speaking of wind rating, the duration shingle has a wind resistance that beats even a 50 YEAR SHINGLE. It is the highest rated wind shingle that exist withstanding a mile per hour of 130!!
Duration also comes in a variety of color choices including their designer duration line created for dramatic color variants creating depth and dimension.
At RKG, this is the quality of products we use, and we are trained in them accordingly.
With every Owens Corning full roofing system you get a ten year manufacturers warranty and with the duration, RKG also warranties our work for 5.
Pride. Integrity. Quality.

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