Ventilation to the roofing system is often something overlooked and not talked about, but it could arguably be one of the most important components to your roof.

What is ventilation? A ventilation system is responsible for two important things. 1) letting head escape your attitic 2) keeping air cycling so moisture doesn’t build up at the eves of the roof.

You might be familiar with wind turbines or “whirly birds”. These are pretty standard for asphalt roofs, but are they the best option? Over time a metal whirly bird can get rusted, dented, and eventually stop turning. Once this happens not only are you not getting the ventilation you need, but you also have water coming in THROUGH the turbine every time it rains. They stick up weird, and once damaged become a flat out eye sore.

Ridge vent is a better option when applicable. Your roof must have enough ridge to vent 20 feet, but if It does, that will equal to FIVE WIND TURBINES! Not only that, but it looks but more aesthetically pleasing!

In the Dallas/Fort Worth area, ventilation is important because of the high temperatures we get in the summer. Heat build up in the attic can cause mechanical damage to your shingle (that’s not covered by insurance) and also cause your electric bill to sky rocket. Does your AC bill seem high? It might be time to have a complimentary roof inspection done by friends here at RKG!

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