Homeowners choose to upgrade their roofing systems to metal for many reasons. One of which, is the undeniable curb appeal it adds to your home! Metal Roofing systems are beautiful and are available in a variety of colors. However, It would be silly to stop there with the benefits this investment brings. I say “investment” because a metal roofing system will actually ADD value to your property! Its a LIFETIME roof!

All of our environmental enthusiast will be happy to know that metal roofing systems are recyclable unlike composition shingle roofs that create waste and pollution. In the event a metal roof is damaged by a storm and the insurance company replaces it, the entire roof will be recycled at that time.

Although metal roofing is a larger upfront cost, it is actually lower than other roofing materials over time due to its longevity. Shingle systems are much easier to damage in a storm and deteriorate with the elements, meaning you will most likely end up replacing your roof more often with these materials. The metal roof SAVES you money over time because, well…. your only buying ONE.

Speaking of saving you money….who would be excited about saving money on your insurance premiums? Check with your carrier, but a lot of insurance companies also offer DISCOUNTS up to 35% when you upgrade to metal. They offer these discounts because metal roofing systems are both fire resistant and hail resistant meaning its unlikely for them to obtain structural damage in a hail storm. (Just something to beware of when dealing with your insurance company regarding your metal system. Some companies will try to get you to sign what is called a “cosmetic waiver.” Be mindful of what you are signing; a cosmetic waiver means your insurance company only is obligated to replace your roof in the event of structural damage and would not be liable for what they consider to be cosmetic damage. Weigh out the options when choosing your coverage.)

As if this isn’t enough already, here is yet ANOTHER way metal roofs save you money! The energy efficiency they bring to the table is something not to be overlooked or taken lightly. Steel roofing reflects the sun rather than absorbs it resulting in a cooler and more energy efficient home and you guessed it- It can even lead to LOWER ENERGY BILLS in these hot Texas summers.

Metal roofs are more light weight than other roofing materials ,meaning less weight on the structure of your home, but they are also more durable. Don’t let that light weight mislead you, these systems are STRONG.

At RKG we specialize in multiple types of Metal Roofing Systems and are proud to use a local manufacturer! Choose between R Panel, Stone Coated Steel, Aluminum, Decra, and the King of metal roofs….The Standing Seam.

If you are interested in getting a FREE ESTIMATE on upgrading your property to a metal roofing system, please feel free to reach out to us by phone : 817 760 3356, the internet at WWW.RKGROOFINGANDCONSTRUCTION.COM or WWW.FACEBOOK.COM/RKGLLC.NET or by email at ROBBY@RKGLLC.NET

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