Choosing a quality roofing contractor in Texas can come with some challenges, so we have put together some “Interview Questions” to help you make the best choice for you!

How much do you know about roofing? Or the insurance claims process? Or the buildout process? Manufacturer product knowledge? Breakdown of the terminology and numbers in your loss paperwork? Which shingles perform best in our specific geographical region?

If you haven’t already, take a second to really consider how much trust needs to be established within the Homeowner-Contractor relationship in order for it to work efficiently.

You need a roofer in Dallas Fort Worth and Austin Texas you can trust.

You should do your research online as well as INTERVIEW your roofing contractor.

Here are a few questions we recommend you ask when considering who to hire to replace your roof:

Do they tear down to the roof decking?

Our in-house Roofing Craftsmen tear all the way to the decking on every single RKG roof replacement. This is extremely important, as the old underlayment may be covering up rotted decking. Your Manufacturer’s Warranty is also immediately VOIDED if your contractor skips this step! You want the best roof warranty!

What type of roofing under components will they be putting on?

There are multiple under-components that are required to build an efficient, protective roofing system, and QUALITY MATTERS.
Are they using starter shingle or are they going to flip around a 3-Tab shingle? Are they using synthetic underlayment or felt paper? Are they using metal flashing or 21 full inches of ice and water shield, self-sealing membrane? Are they using actual hip and ridge to ensure equal wind protection or are they just going to use a 3-Tab? You need to make sure quality materials is what is going on your roof!

What about roof ventilation?

Your roof needs to breathe in order to work properly. There must be an equal balance of intake to exhaust. What kind of ventilation components are they putting on your roof? Will it disrupt the flow of air? Will they improve it? Do they have upgraded solar options? Are they knowledgeable in this area?

Does your roofer has insurance?

In the state of Texas, there is surprisingly no existing license offered for or required from Roofing Contractors. In an industry with little regulation regarding who is fit to remove and replace an entire roof, it is important that they are insured. Do they have a valid certificate? Can they provide it upon request?

Who is their supplier?

This is SO important. In order to receive the full benefits of your Manufacturer’s Warranty, the shingle applied to your roof must come from a certified material supplier. You also don’t want old or defective shingles bought off the back of truck installed on your roof. To insure that they are using quality materials that have a legitimate warranty, you should ask them where exactly they get them from.

If singles arrive unwrapped or in wrapping DIFFERENT than the manufacture packages, these shingles likely have no warranty.

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