Why go Solar?

Many homeowners are jumping on what is being called the “solar train” to start owning their own electric instead of renting it from the utility company.
For many of them, it’s the same reason they chose to buy a house instead of renting it. Rent continues to go up but a fixed rate mortgage will stay the same. This allows homeowners to invest their money into something that they OWN and allows them to know their set monthly living expenses.

When homeowners chose solar, they get the same peace of mind.
As utility companies continue to raise rates 3-7% per YEAR, homeowners know their monthly expenses are going up. They like being able to lock in a fixed monthly rate.

They also know when paying for their solar system, in most cases it puts dollar for dollar equity into their home so no more throwing money away!
Right now the federal government is really making a push towards green energy which makes NOW the BEST TIME to move to a solar system. We don’t know if the 26% tax credit you get for going solar will be around forever, but for now it is!

Homeowners are saving up to $45,000 OFF their tax liability for adding solar panels to their roof.

The roof is a good place for solar but it is not our only option. Solar can be installed with a ground mount or with a shade structure. Any ground mount, pergola, or energy efficient upgrade to the home can be rolled into the solar loan and the 26% tax credit applies to the entire amount.

Solar financing programs have really improved over the last few years. Now going solar does NOT put a lien on your home. Transferring to new owners is simple. Homeowners with a 600 credit score or higher are able to get approved with a 1.49% interest rate in most cases.

According to www.realtor.com and www.zillow.com homes WITH solar syatems are selling 20% faster across the nation. Why? Because the solar train is here and the benefits are better than ever!

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