Roofing Starter Shingle

Provides extra protection for your roof against wind by adhering the field course of the roofing shingle and the starter course of the roofing shingle together with a strong adhesive! It is also utilized to water proof the eave and rake edges of the home during a reroof.

Synthetic Underlayment

Roofing Underlayment is a water-resistant barrier material that is installed directly to your roof deck. It is applied under all other roofing materials and is an added layer of protection for the roof against storm damage. Traditionally, felt paper was used and still is by many in the industry today. We choose to roof with a synthetic which is man made, 12x stronger and repels rather than absorb water.

Roofing Starter Shingle

At RKG we use ice and water shield in all roof valleys and around all penetrations to your roof. Ice and Water is a rubberized asphalt that is self sealing. Even if it were to be penetrated by a nail, for example, it would close right back up. Ice and water takes the place of METAL valley flashing that corrodes over time.

Tear Down to the Roof Decking Every Time

Some companies don’t offer this service for free, and some just don’t do it at all! Our crews tear down to the roof decking to replace it with the synthetic underlayment, and because failure to do so VOIDS the manufacturers roof warranty.

Limited Lifetime Manufacturer Roof Warranty

ALL RKG roofing systems are backed with a 100% labor warranty, as well as a limited lifetime manufacturers warranty. We believe in the quality of our work, and are determined to make sure your roof is protected today, and for years to come!

5 Year Rkg Labor Roof Warranty

At RKG we take pride in our name and have integrity in our work. We provide all these extra roof upgrades at no charge to the homeowner because we know its a system that we can
back with confidence!